Sexual Doll Play and Gender Transition (ENGLISH responses)

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One of the Futures of Narcissism, one of the Futures of Narcissism, has Davis Martinez. He is the first one to put the fetish of rubber dolls, and more generally, cross-dressing feminization and so on and so forth, has to do with extreme confusion of gender identity and with externalization of the death instinct, of the feeling that you are dead, that you are anyhow dead.

The doll is dead in an animate object, but also representation of the female form. So, it's a mixture of both.

Now, studies have shown that people who cross-dress, for example, which is much more common, feminizing other ways, don't have to cross-dress and so on, are actually, they are not Latin homosexuals, there's no trace of homosexuality, and obviously they don't have gender dysphoria, they are not transgender, they are happy with their gender, they don't want to become females.

And so it has something to do with other things, probably expression of the feminine side, that is very suppressed, then expression of the fact that they feel dead inside, so if they become dolls, this is the expression of the death.

It is an attempt to experience another gender, a gender that is perceived as having privileges, ironically having some kind of power, gets everything for free, gets everything easy, because the man has to take care of the woman, in old-fashioned thinking. The man has to take care, so the woman is taken care of.

It's an example, actually, not of feminization, but of infantilization. Not only do I become a doll, which is an inanimate dead object, which reflects my inside, so I'm externalizing my inside.

When we externalize what's inside us, that is intimacy.

What is intimacy? Intimacy is when I give you access to my inside.

By becoming a doll, I'm giving you access to my inside.

I'm telling you, listen, I'm dead inside, I'm like a doll. Come inside, see how I am. So I'm creating intimacy with you.

On the other hand, my choice of doll is such that I get to experience being the gender that is taken care of, the gender that doesn't have to work hard, the gender that gets everything free, the gender that is protected, the gender that gets to sit at home and do shopping while I work hard.

In other words, in the case of narcissists, it's an expression of entitlement.

The narcissist feels entitled to special treatment in commensurate, not reflecting his work, his effort, his achievement. He expects to get all the rewards, all the prizes, all the income, all the fame, all the celebrity, but without working, without working hard, without investing effort, without anything.

And this is what women do in narcissists' mind.

In a narcissist's mind, the women just have to be born. From the moment they are born, a man takes care of them, gives them food, gives them home, gives them money, gives them...

This is the perfect entitlement. A narcissist wants to be perfectly entitled.

And one way of doing this is being a woman for a while.

So it's creating intimacy and satisfying entitlement at the same time.

Two powerful motivations.

At the same time, the narcissist doesn't risk becoming that doll or becoming a woman.

So by choosing a doll, he's saying to you, that's the dead part of me. That's the part that can never come to life. That's the part that will never become.

It's the part that is, but will never become. It's not a process. It's a snapshot.

So it's a safe way of experiencing these things.

But this boy, for example, sleeps in this woman's mask at night to feel.

Yes, it's a way to experience gender transition without any risk, in a totally safe way, and so on and so forth.

And when he is inside the doll, when he is the doll, he is really a woman in the sense that he feels that he is about to receive protection, provision.

He feels much more safe, much more taken care of than when he is a man.

It's a man who feels insecure, feels unsafe, feels in danger, a bit paranoid.

So for him, life is a constant struggle, constant war, constant threats, constant enemies, constant...

And to rest from this, when he becomes a woman, he knows that there will be a man who will...

So usually this doll play is never alone.

It's with someone or with others to create the ambience where there will be a possibility of being taken care of.

So it's more of a social fetish than...

Although this is technically not a fetish, but never mind, it's like a social fetish, not an individual.

Some fetishes are totally individual.

And even the fetishist insists on being totally alone, and if he's not alone, he stops the activity of the fetish.

And some fetishes are social fetishes.

They must involve others because they are actually a theatre production.

The whole fetish is a theatre production, so many people must be involved.

And there is a kind of director and producer and someone who brings the sandwiches and everyone is happy.

And so this is of course also very important because narcissists regard themselves as actors and regard their lives as a kind of movie, movies.

It's a movie, life is a movie, and he's the actor.

And he is at the same time participant and observer.

So he sits, he looks at the movie, wow, that part was interesting in my life. I acted well here. Here I acted well. Here I deserve an Oscar.

So he's a critic, he's an observer, and he's an actor in the movie, directing the movie, and so on and so forth.

So this is a kind of continuation of this approach to life, life as a movie, life as a production.

Many things are involved.

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