Cerebral Narcissist: Woman? What's That For?

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My name is Sam Vaknin, and I am the author of Malignant Self-Love, Narcissism Revisited.

To the somatic narcissist, sex and sexual conquests are sources of narcissistic supply, as cerebral narcissists couldn't care less.

As cerebral narcissists wrote this, that thing between a man and a woman, I lack, that moist energy, the hungry eyes, the imperceptible tilt of body's lusting, that magnetism, I don't have this.

I do not know the frequency of the silent broadcasts of sexuality.

My face is handsome in a man-child way, my features are broad but quite agreeable, sometimes unrich or powerful, sometimes unfamous.

I can turn on at will, a fount of irresistible, immersing, spuriously empathic charm.

Women are curious, even inexorably drawn to me, but as they inch closer, women sense the void that I am, the howling abyss where a person should have been, the abode of death cloaked in the deceptive war marks of an ebullient, exuberant, ostensibly productive life.

I am the quintessentially deceptive package, an I being, a mental alien in an uncanny carnal outfit.

Until a few years back, I was able to disguise my illness.

I mimicked the behaviors, intricate messages, the subtle bodily perfumes, the long and longing looks, but now I can't.

I'm exhausted.

These rites of procreation drain me of the energy I need to abundantly pursue my narcissistic supply.

Freud called this process sublimation.

I'm a prolific author. My seeds are verbal. My passion is in the abstract.

I rarely copulate once every decade or two when I'm drunk.

Last time I had sex was long before September 11. Yes, 2001.

In women, I induce confusion. They are attracted and then repelled by some essence that they cannot explain or name.

They say, he's so unpleasant, hesitantly. He's so violent, so disagreeable.

My own girlfriends, Aramons, fiancés and wives struggled with this fitted, repellent emanation. They called me sick. They said I'm creepy, damaged goods.

They meant to say that I'm not a healthy person altogether, not all there.

These women in my life invariably ended up with other men, cheating on me, having affairs, even swinging, desperately trying to recoup their molested self-esteem, feeling rejected and dejected.

The animals that we are, women sense my infirmity.

I read somewhere that female birds avoid the sickly males in mating systems.

Well, I'm one sickly bird, and they skirt me with the hurt and the complexity of their frustrated.

In this modern world of what you see is what you get, the narcissist is an exception. He is a form of false advertising, a diversion, an android of virtual reality with bug-infested programming.

The few women who do possess the audacity and temerity to pursue me with zeal and despite my ominous quillity, thereby unequivocally demonstrate their innate and manifest inferiority and pathology.

These old deviance women provoking me the most aggressive impulses and violently repelled by their presubtiousness.

What makes these women think that they have anything that I might need, let alone desire?

Waste strings their self-delusion that they automatically hold sway overly by virtue of their genitalia and gender-specific wires.

Can they tell that I'm immune to, even revolted by, their ostensible charms and age-old stratagems that their femininity is what turns me off?

Not long ago I was still able to control myself, to hide my vile faults, to play the social game, to bemetically engage in human intercourse.

But I no longer can. I am the denuded narcissist, bereft of all defenses.

The transparency is the ultimate and psychopathic act of sheer contempt.

People are not even worth maintaining my defenses anymore.

And this disdain, this expressed ostentatious indifference, frightens women.

They sense the danger.

Psychic annihilation is often irresistible.

The brinkmanship of self-destruction and luring.

That evil is aesthetic we all know, but it is also alien, like waiting from a nightmare into its continuation in reality.

But I'm not an evil man. I am simply indifferent, and I wish to not be bothered.

This schizoid streak conflicts with my narcissism, and with my alleged virility.

The narcissist devours people, consumes their output, and casts the empty, empty riding-shells aside.

The schizoid avoids them altogether, at all costs.

As a man, I'm very much attracted to the opposite sex.

I am imaginative in my fantasies, and prone to sexual abandon given the chance.

But, as a schizoid, in too a schizoid, women are in nuisance and annoyance.

Obtaining voluntary sex requires too much effort, and a waste of scarce resources, better spent on pursuing and securing narcissistic supply.

Most narcissists go through schizoid phases in their inexorable orbits of gloom and mania.

Sometimes the schizoid prevents.

A narcissist that is also a schizoid is an unnatural hybrid, a chimera, a shattered personality.

The push and pull, the approach and the avoidance, the compulsive search for the drugs that only humans can provide, and the no longer compulsive urge to avoid humans altogether.

And it's a sorry sound.

The narcissist shrivels and withers as the battle is prolonged.

He becomes almost psychotic at the tug of war inside him, reaching out to people and wanting desperately to avoid them altogether.

Alienated even from his false self by his schizoid disorder, such a narcissist is turned into a gaping black hole, out to suck the vitality of everyone around him, like the proverbial vampire.

So you see, that thing between a man and a woman, I don't have it.

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Narcissists lack an ego and have no reality test, so they rely on other people to provide them with narcissistic supply. The cerebral narcissist uses their intellect to obtain supply, while the somatic narcissist uses their body and sex. However, all narcissists are both cerebral and somatic, with a dominant and recessive side. The dominant side is usually 70-80% of their life, but there is fluctuation between the two types. Narcissists are frozen at a young age and have no sexual or gender identity, leading to infantilization and reaction formation to their own sexuality.

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Cerebral narcissists are individuals who redirect their entire libido and eros into intellectual pursuits, using their mind, intellect, and intelligence to secure favorable outcomes from the environment. This is due to sublimation, which involves converting drives, urges, and instincts into socially acceptable activities that consume the energy that should have gone to these drives, urges, and instincts. However, cerebral narcissists can transition to become somatic sex addicts following something known as narcissistic collapse, when they can no longer obtain supply in the classical traditional habituated ways. This transformation is very destabilizing for the narcissist, and they become very mournful, grieving, and furious, sometimes even suicidal.

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Cerebral narcissists bring creativity, imagination, and multidimensionality to sex, making it more exciting and addictive than with somatic narcissists. However, the cerebral narcissist uses sex to acquire and capture the woman, making her addicted to him, and then abruptly stops the sex once he feels secure in the relationship. This creates severe cognitive, emotional, and axiological dissonance, leading to extreme behaviors in the partner, such as alcoholism or risky sexual behavior. Therefore, an open relationship or outsourcing sex is not a solution, and the only recommendation is to avoid a relationship with a cerebral narcissist altogether.

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Narcissists objectify and interchange intimate partners, and are often sexually deviant. The cerebral narcissist suppresses their sexual predilections to maintain a gratifying and exclusive relationship with their source of secondary supply, while the somatic narcissist indulges their sexual preferences with multiple partners. The cerebral narcissist would rather hurt their partner by withholding sex than lose them altogether, while the somatic narcissist seeks out unstable partners to regulate their sense of self-worth. Sex is a necessary evil to the cerebral narcissist, while it is a source of narcissistic supply to the somatic narcissist.

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Two narcissists of the same type cannot maintain a stable, long-term, full-fledged and functional relationship. Two narcissists of different types or opposing types can, often do, maintain long-term, stable and rather happy relationships. There are two main types of narcissists, somatic and cerebral. The somatic type of narcissist relies on his body and sexuality to generate attention, adulation and admiration, while the cerebral narcissist leverages his intellect, his intelligence and his professional achievements to obtain the same. Stable and enduring relationships can and often do develop between dissimilar narcissists.

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Narcissists, particularly cerebral narcissists, often frustrate women who are attracted to them by withholding sex or teasing them. This is because they are misogynists who hold women in contempt and fear them. They divide women into saints and whores, and view sex and intimacy as mutually exclusive. The narcissist's frustrating behavior serves to secure a narcissistic supply and reenact unresolved conflicts with their mother. They pathologize women to control them and project their own parasitic behavior onto them.

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Somatic narcissists derive their narcissistic supply from the process of securing sex, rather than the act itself. They are often health freaks, bodybuilders, or hypochondriacs, and regard their bodies as objects to be sculpted and honed. The cerebral narcissist, on the other hand, is haughty and uses their intellect or knowledge to secure admiration. Both types are auto-erotic and prefer masturbation to interactive sex. It is a mistake to assume type constancy, as the narcissist swings between their dominant and recessive types.

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Cerebral narcissists become fixated on their intellectual abilities as children, which leads to a narrow and constricted life as adults. They seek excellence but refuse to compromise, leading to dichotomous thinking and an inability to see nuances in the world. This can lead to an ideology of sexlessness, which is intended to cover the discomfort and humiliation of being in a sexualized environment. The cerebral narcissist becomes emotionally invested in this ideology and even brags about rejecting sexual advances.

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Narcissists of the same type cannot maintain a stable, long-term relationship as they are consumed by their own narcissistic gratification and have no time or energy to cater to their partner's needs. However, a long-term partnership can survive if one narcissist is cerebral and the other is somatic. Inverted cerebral narcissists tend to pair with cerebral narcissists, while inverted somatic narcissists tend to bond with their somatic counterparts. In the long run, an inverted narcissist may seek to ruin their classic partner, despite them being their prime source of narcissistic supply.

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Narcissists are autoerotic and prefer masturbation to sex. They view women with contempt and seek to torment them. The cerebral narcissist is often celibate and prefers pornography and sexual auto-stimulation to the real thing. They are afraid of encounters with the opposite sex and are even more afraid of emotional involvement or commitment that they fancy themselves prone to develop following a sexual encounter.

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